Water level rises in Indira Gandhi Canal

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The Indira Gandhi Canal, which is called the lifeline of the desert, has swelled due to excessive release of water these days. The indira gandhi canal project authorities in Jaisalmer have started swelling their hands and feet due to the inflow of water beyond the required and consumption capacity, as regulating the water twice the required and protecting the canal miners from damage has become a major challenge during this period.

Crops were drying up due to lack of rain

Under the supervision of the officials of the department, all the employees are trying to regulate the water by gathering in the field, so that the canal can be saved from being damaged. According to officials of the Indira Gandhi Canal Project, about 3400 cusecs of water has reached the canals, making it a challenge to regulate now.

It is worth noting that earlier the water in the canal was less and there was no timely rain, due to which half of the crops of the farmers dried up. According to the information, due to excessive rains in Hanumangarh and Ganganagar, there has been a tremendous inflow of water from canals in the area. Due to this, water has reached Jaisalmer, which is located at the last end, many times more than the demand, due to which the officials are sweating.

Indira Gandhi Canal

Water enters canal more than capacity

It is said that due to more water coming into the Indira Gandhi Canal, the risk of breaking the canals has increased. With this, all officers and employees have now landed in the field. Water is being regulated in distributors so that the load of water in the canal can be reduced.

There was a demand for 2000 cusecs of water

R.C. Meena, superintending engineer of the Indira Gandhi Canal Project, said that 2000 cusecs of water was demanded. These days only 1700 cusecs of water is needed, but more water has reached Jaisalmer than the demand. Water is being stored in the canal as per capacity.

Officials are monitoring the canal every three hours.

At the same time, the excess water in the canal is being further regulated. There is a gauge on the head every three hours. The water status of the canal is being ascertained and a bulletin of the IGNP main canal is being issued every three hours so that the water can be regulated by keeping the canal safe. It has been told that regulation will be done by opening the water drainage gates for the next three days, so that the load of water can be reduced.

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