The famous Australian actor, the star of the film "X-Men" Hugh Jackman and his ex-wife Deborah-Lee Furness are waiting for the division of joint property.

The Western media found out who will get what after the divorce. In particular, Jackman, along with his ex, will share joint property, the value of which is estimated at $ 290 million.

But it seems that the former lovers are not going to make scandals and find out who will get what. Jackman and Furness want to divide all the property equally. They believe that in 27 years they have amassed a lot of fortune, which will be very difficult to divide. Therefore, the former ones chose the easiest option for division.

Hugh Jackman with his ex-wife / Photo: Associated Press

"Their lives were so intertwined, so it's an extremely difficult and tedious process to separate everything and figure out who gets what in terms of assets and finances," the insider told US Weekly.

It should be noted that the former spouses have a lot of joint real estate. They own an apartment and penthouse in New York, as well as an apartment in Melbourne and a house in the Hamptons.

Hugh Jackman with his ex-wife / Photo: Associated Press

As for the children, they are already adults. In particular, the adopted son of the ex-spouse Oscar is 23 years old, and the daughter Ava is 18.

Recently, Hugh Jackman stunned with the news that he was divorcing his wife after 27 years of marriage. The exes said that after the breakup, they will remain in a great relationship and will not hold grudges against each other.