Fall is the season of active work in the garden to prepare fruit trees for the next season. In September-October, cherries, pears, plums and apple trees need to be fed, because it is in the fall that they lay buds until spring. In addition, fertilizing will help the trees survive the winter cold well.

What fertilizers are applied in the fall under fruit trees

The best period for fertilizing trees is early to mid-October. Because autumn wrapping makes the trees strong and helps to endure the cold winter. In autumn, the following top dressing is applied under fruit trees:

After fertilizing, it is advisable to mulch all trees with grass clippings or other mulch.

How to water apple and pear trees in the fall

In autumn, apple and pear trees can be watered with a solution of several fertilizers.

How to water cherries, sweet cherries and plums in the fall

How to prepare fruit trees in the fall so that they endure the winter well and give a good harvest

In order for the trees to endure the winter well and give a rich harvest, they need not only to be fed, but also to be treated for pests and diseases, pruned, watered and protected from rodents.

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