By 2033, no more than 35 million people will live in Ukraine.

This was stated by the director of the Institute of Demography and Social Studies named after M.V. Ptakha Ella Libanova during a round table, Ukrinform reports.

"Let's forget about the fact that we had 52 million Ukrainians. There will never be 52 million. According to the most optimistic scenario, in 2033 there will be 35 million of us, I am talking about Ukraine within the borders of 1991," she said, adding that "in any case, whether we return all our migrants or attract migrants from other countries, there will still be a reduction in the population of Ukraine."

According to the scientist, the number of Ukrainian labor migrants who fled the war in Poland is decreasing. They start going to other EU countries – Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and others.

"The experience we have suggests that the greater the distance between Ukraine and the country where our people are, the less likely they are to return," the scientist said.

Earlier we wrote that after the war in Ukraine, there will be more men than women. A scientific scientist at the Institute of Demography and Social Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine explained the reason.

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