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A bTV report told about a new drug – hexahydrocannabinol, which is advertised as a legal alternative to cannabis. It is sold freely online and delivered by courier companies, and traders advertise it as harmless and legal, although it is not.

"In this case, this synthetic substance, which turns out to be an analogue of tetrahydrocaranabinol, is not harmless at all," pulmonologist Dr. Sofia Angelova told bTV.

A new drug is being promoted as a legal alternative to cannabis

Online there are hundreds of listings for the sale of vape with so-called HHC or hexahydrocannabinol – a synthetic substance similar to cannabis.

She explained that hexahydrocannabinol affects the central nervous system, gastrosystem, adipose tissue and liver.

"In the central nervous system and leads to cognitive manifestations. There may also be short-term memory loss. Impaired concentration, orientation. Those people who use this substance are dangerous for roads. There is definitely harm," explained Dr. Angelova.

"The problem in society is extremely serious, as the latest major survey of the National Center for Public Health at the Ministry of Health showed that mostly young people between 25 and 35 years of age smoke electronic devices in our country. "They've flooded the market," she said.




Dr. Sofia Angelova