Aviation expert Konstantin Kryvolap commented on the possibility of transferring French Mirage-2000D aircraft to Ukraine, which was previously reported in the Western media. He noted that there are both pros and significant disadvantages in their application.

He said this in a comment to Channel 24.

The expert recalled that France has long been talking about the possibility of transferring these attack aircraft to Ukraine. Konstantin Kryvolap notes that this fighter is quite outdated

"We heard about this possibility when President Zelensky met with Macron this winter. At that time, there was nothing concrete, only about pilot training. The Mirage aircraft is very old, its production has been since the 80s. The last aircraft was made in 2007. Now we are talking about the fact that the French can buy this plane in the UAE," he said.

Kostyantyn Kryvolap also analyzed the pros and cons and explained how Ukraine can use French aircraft on the battlefield.

"Not only is the concept outdated, but it also has equipment that solves a lot during air combat. This-. a radar station that should see the enemy as far as possible, and for the Mirage it is 100 km. Then, the Su-35 is 200-300 kilometers. The F-16 has the best locator. Mirage, on the other hand, can carry Storm Shadow and SCALP - that's how it can be used. It is said that this modification of the Mirage-2000D is designed for flights at low altitudes - which is good. If our experts say that it can be used for support from the sky, that's good," he said.

The expert notes that this aircraft has problems with the fact that it has not been produced since 2007, and therefore there will be nuances with maintenance.

"It seems to me that this is more of a political statement than reality. I'd rather play for the F-16 or the Gripen. Perhaps we are offered Mirage in order to quickly resolve the issue of the F-16," the aviation expert said.

The likelihood of transferring French fighter jets to Ukraine

The French publication Intelligence Online reported that Ukraine may receive Mirage 2000D attack aircraft. France has more than 50 such aircraft.

The media write that allegedly Ukrainian pilots are already undergoing training unofficially and the issue of transferring these aircraft may be finally resolved in the near future.

Recall that in March 2023, the spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Yuriy Ignat, denied that Ukrainian pilots were being trained on the Mirage.