Two people were killed in an explosion in northern Hungary, Reuters reported.

Among the victims was a police officer. Several people were injured in the blast, which occurred during a police operation in the northern city of Esztergom.

According to Hungarian media, the blast occurred in a house in the suburbs of the city, located near the border with Slovakia, at a time when police had responded to a threat there. The explosion killed the person who was the source of the threat and who has not yet been identified.

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Local media added that the incident occurred when police were called by relatives of a mentally disturbed man who threatened to cause an explosion. When police arrived at his home, the man poured gasoline in front of gas cylinders and ignited them.

The incident attracted attention because a meeting of the parliamentary group of Orban's Fidesz party was held in the same city.

On Facebook, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Viktor, Hungary's current prime minister, expressed condolences over the death of a policeman while carrying out his duties, but made no specific mention of the incident in Esztergom.

According to local media, several police officers were among those injured in the explosion who were taken to hospital.

Viktor Orbán