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New Delhi:

Tensions between India and Canada are increasing over the killing of Khalistan supporter and Khalistan Tiger Force terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar. After Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's serious allegations against India, the 5 Five Eyes Alliance has not sided with Canada. However, the countries of the Alliance did say that the claims should be thoroughly investigated. In NDTV's Explorer, let's know what is 'Five Eyes Alliance' and what is its importance:

What is the Five Eyes Alliance?
The Five Eyes Alliance is an intelligence organisation in which the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand work as partner countries. The concept of this organization is very old. During World War II, code breakers from the US and the UK used to hold official meetings with each other. Members of the intelligence systems of both countries had started holding secret meetings, whose purpose was to achieve the objectives of ending the world war.

When did Canada join?
Canada joined the Five Eyes Alliance in 1948. After this, Australia and New Zealand also joined the agreement in 1956. The five-nation agreement came to be called the 'Five Eyes Alliance'. This agreement to include intelligence between these five countries has its place in the world. During the Cold War, the five countries used this agreement fiercely to keep an eye on the Soviet Union. All member countries of the Five Eyes Alliance discuss issues of common interest. Work with mutual coordination.

On the issue of
Khalistani terrorist Nijjar, it is obvious that Trudeau may have tried to get 'Five Eyes' allies in his favor. But all the statements that have come from the 'Five Eyes Alliance' countries so far are meaningless. The US, the UK and Australia have expressed concern over Trudeau's allegations and vowed to monitor the matter.

In 2021, a resolution was introduced in the US House of Representatives, which said that the scope of the alliance should be expanded. America wants to add not only South Korea but also India, Germany and Japan to this 'Five Eyes Alliance'. America believes that it is very important for 'Five Eyes' countries to work together in competition with big powers like China and Russia. However, this proposal was not discussed further.