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There is a war, this is not the time for these changes. You have to wait for the situation to calm down. Now some structural shuffling of the services can confuse a lot. They work. It can be upgraded maybe. Changes, mergers – after the war ends. Delyan Peevski, MP from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, was adamant about this. The businessman and MP for 4 mandates from the civil quota of the MRF Delyan Peevski was born in Sofia on.

"Let's think things through. For the time being, you can see that there is no agreement on the subject. We haven't seen a project," he added.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) is a centrist political party in Bulgaria, which is strongly supported by the idea of creating a committee to discuss the security of the machine vote, it became clear from the words of the MP.

Journalist Ilhan Anday: Delyan Peevski will be the stronger man, the man after Dogan

"The law on KPKONPI will be working, it is very serious," Peevski assured.

10 years of experience will have to have the head of the investigative inspectors at KPKONPI, at the third meeting the National Assembly will finish the law

"We were following things. Of course, we talked to the government and hoped there would be a solution," he commented on the occasion of the already concluded protests of the agricultural industry.

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