The climb of the ladder is done in four steps

"Hanging from a train", "going very close to a river or waterfalls", "stunting on a bike" and many other deadly acts that people are seen doing on social media. Nowadays, people are ready to do anything to become famous on social media. During this time many people also die. The latest case is from Austria, where a man died while climbing the famous 'ladder of heaven' on Instagram, but became a victim of an accident.

A British tourist died after falling from a height of more than 90 metres while climbing an extremely narrow staircase on an Austrian mountain, Metro News reported. Actually, this point is very famous among tourists with Instagram photo lovers. These are stairs hanging in the air, which locals also call the "staircase of heaven". These stairs lead to The Dachstein Mountains outside Salzburg.

The incident took place on September 12 when the 42-year-old man started climbing the ladder alone without any guide. During this, he slipped from the ladder and fell down into the valley, due to which he died. Police officers and two rescue helicopters rushed to the scene after the crash, but the man could not be saved. Rescuers recovered his body shortly after the fall.

Police officials have denied any third party negligence in the incident. Police say the climber was completely alone at the time of the accident. However, the identity of the deceased person has not been revealed yet.

The 'stairway to heaven' is being promoted as a new attraction for trekking enthusiasts on the tourist website of the Dachstein area. It states that the climb of the ladder is done in four stages. The ladder is about 40 meters long. From here, along with the Glacier of Duchstein, there are amazing and breathtaking views of Austria's highest mountain – Grobglockner. The description on the website reads- The stairs to heaven were built by Outdoor Leadership in collaboration with their professional climber Hailey Putz. However, the website warns that the stair climbing is for "experienced climbers only" and should be completed in normal weather conditions.

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