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On the night of September 17-18, 18-year-old Svetlio Mladenov was fatally shot dead in a police chase.

Along with two other criminals, he is suspected of beating and robbing two young girls and breaking into a shopping mall. According to police, the other two had committed an act of violence and robbery a day earlier.

The case raised a lot of questions about the powers of the policeman on duty, according to the Ministry of Interior, an impeccable and award-winning employee, to shoot in the particular case. The prosecution is investigating, but the sentences in society have already been handed out, both among experts and among the public - and they are not in favor of the murdered youth.

With regard to the actions of the policeman is widely cited art. According to Art. 87 of the Ministry of Interior Act, item 3, according to which police officers have the right to fire after a warning in the detention of a person committing or committing a crime of general nature, if he resists or tries to escape.

"Someone somewhere has read two lines of the law, which conceives all the right and the whole practice. I'm a legal lawyer. Human life is a supreme value, says the Charter for the Protection of Human Rights", commented in "Who Speaks" on Darik lawyer Nikolay HadzhigenovNikolay Dimitrov Hadzhigenov is a Bulgarian lawyer, public figure and politician. According to him, the aim is to justify the "murderous militiaman".

"That the militiaman has the right to use a weapon walks in the streets and starts shooting ... If someone runs away and holds a bloody knife, that's a hypothesis. However, if someone runs away, and you shoot him in the back, this is another hypothesis," Hadzhigenov said.

"I can show you a list of police officers in the United States who killed people who are in prison. People live in the TV. If someone in America kills a person like that, people will have set fire to half the city. And here people are killing their complexes on the back of the murdered boy," he said.

In his words, the only thing they do in the Ministry of Interior, except to lie by opening their mouths, is to beat citizens. He added that in addition to the Ministry of Interior, "there is another tumor - the Military Prosecutor's Office. This is a tumor that needs to be removed."

"Imagine that the victim is blonde and blue-eyed and tell me that your reaction will be the same! To protect your own rights, you have to protect everyone's rights," he said.

It is not disputed for him whether the policeman has the right to use a personal weapon when his official staff has fallen. Personal weapons are only for self-protection. For official purposes, there is an official weapon. It is expressly forbidden to carry a personal weapon at work, Hadzhigenov is adamant. And again recalled that the police did not see the murdered boy "running away from the still warm corpse with a bloody knife."

Ass. Milen Ivanov: Society expects tougher repression of criminals

The lawyer sees the reform in the Ministry of Interior with the liquidation of all people and the current rules and the introduction of new ones, because "otherwise all this crime will flourish and you will enjoy the murder of someone's child or a person who may be guilty, but may not be and you do not know it."

"Isn't the fact that there are unpunished criminals a problem of the same Ministry of Interior? We feed over 50,<> million people to beat us behind the columns, to have "give your ID", to have kicks in the district and to shoot at you, "Hadzhigenov summarized.

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