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Representatives of the Sofia Directorate of the Interior and the Prosecutor's Office revealed details of the detained man who tried to commit another armed robbery, a reporter of the NOVINI.BG reported.

We remind you that yesterday, shortly after 2.30 am, a man armed with a gun broke into a shop for alcohol and cigarettes in Druzhba district. He threatened the employee with the weapon with the intention of committing a robbery. This time, however, his goal was thwarted thanks to the immediate intervention of officers from the Countering Criminal Crime Department and the Eighth Regional Directorate - SDVR, who detained him on the spot.

32-year-old man arrested for attempted armed robbery

Prosecutors said the man was detained and asked to be arrested within 72 hours.

At the briefing it also became clear that a woman herself is the most common victim of armed robbery, which usually always happens in the dark hours of the day. The thieves are getting younger.

Stay tuned for details!