A woman who was cheated on by her husbands three times told how she caught the guy red-handed.

Now a single TikTok user under the nickname @datzme2.0, said that she suspected her boyfriend of infidelity. And then one night her lover did not return home and turned off the phone. The girl decided not to waste time, got into the car and drove around the city. She spotted his car near the hotel.

In her video, she showed the car in the parking lot with photos of it on the dashboard.

She said, "I thought I'd just come here really quickly to cast the spell a third time because it's 3:33 in the morning and my boyfriend told me he'd come late. He's not at home, he's turned off his location, he's turned off his phone. I parked right here. It's his car. He's in a damn hotel. My pictures are on his dashboard and he's cheating on me right now."

@datzme2.0 My boyfried bought a hotel for the night #cheatersgettingcaught ♬ original sound - Savana miles

In the comments under the video, she revealed that he is the third person to cheat on her, making her wonder how men can be so cruel.

She refrained from revealing his name because she does not want his actions to negatively affect children or parents. However, users believe that she should not protect it in the following way:

Later, the girl posted another video where she sits in her car and waits for him to leave the hotel. She recorded him heading to his car with another woman, opening the door for her before leaving.

@datzme2.0 Replying to @m. He Legit opened her car door best believe i was staying for my own proof. #cheater #liar #caughtoncamera ♬ original sound - Savana miles

Many users were on her side, claiming that in the same situation, they would have done much worse than her.

In an additional update, the girl said that she did not cry because she caught him cheating, but simply abandoned him and moved on with her life. Also, according to her, the ex tried to make her feel guilty for exposing him in such a way.

Recall that the woman took revenge on her ex-husband, who left her pregnant woman for the sake of his mistress. She showed off what she had done.