The American complained about his wife, who, according to him, became obsessed with crossword puzzles.

The New York Post writes about it.

He noted that he had been married to his beloved for 30 years. Everything was fine until the moment when the chosen one retired and became interested in a new hobby.

"She does it all day, whether we're watching TV, talking, or eating. When we go out, she takes crossword puzzles with her or solves them on her phone. When our children come to visit, she ignores them and solves crossword puzzles. During the last holiday festivities, she sat looking at crossword puzzles on her phone instead of participating in family interactions. If she were my child, I would take her phone away from her. But she's an adult and my wife, so I can't do that. Before she retired, she did crossword puzzles two or three times a week, and we had fun doing them together. At the moment, I am completely ignored. I talked to her about my feelings. It didn't help," he complained.

Therefore, the man sought advice from the American columnist Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jean Phillips, who writes a column "Dear Abby". In response, she advised me to talk to my wife again

"Tell her you don't want to be ignored anymore while she indulges in her obsession with crossword puzzles. What she's doing isn't fair to you and your family. Invite the two of you to consult with a licensed marriage and family therapist. If she refuses, schedule multiple sessions. From what you've described, your marriage is in trouble and your wife is doing crossword puzzles to escape the real world."

Recall that the woman showed a video of how she caught her lover-traitor red-handed. Even though he turned off his phone and geolocation, she still found him.