There can be no such patience, we cannot brush their image on the studios. We need this U.S. government to resign, go to new elections, and have a Bulgarian government that starts looking at Bulgaria's interests. This was stated by the MP from "VazrazhdaneVazrazhdane is a political party in Bulgaria, established in August 2014. Nikolay Denkov, reported a reporter of the

In his words, only issues related to Ukraine, Schengen or the euro area are considered in Parliament and asked when Bulgaria's problems would be considered.

"There is nothing to negotiate with this government, they should resign as soon as possible," he said.

The MP expressed confidence that in new early elections the results will be completely different because these people "brutally lied", referring to the ruling majority.

Supporters of "Vazrazhdane" protested, demanding the resignation of the cabinet

Nikolov commented that MPs from PP-DB and GERB "grinkle" themselves knowing that they are committing national treason, referring to the lifting of the ban on grain imports from Ukraine.

They formed a government and a parliament to destroy Bulgaria! The territory of Ukraine is used for a geopolitical clash between the United States and Russia, and we have to choose what our role will be. Europe must stop being a victim of American interests. We have no interest in continuing this war – from it come all inflations, problems and national betrayals, he added.

Deyan Nikolov cited unnamed surveys, according to which disapproval of the current government is about 70 percent, and said that at the moment the only reason for the protest not to have 100,<> protesters is because "the media brush the image of the treacherous American government."

"Here you have a responsibility too, because you are the fourth power! Where did you get stuck in the new National Assembly? They don't want to have access to you, they are only comfortable in the studios," the MP told journalists.




Deyan Nikolov