A protest in Razlog is organized today at 16 pm after a school fight two days ago.

The Facebook group "Initiative Committee Razlog" calls on local residents to go to the central square to protest against aggression and in support of the injured children.

Students got into a fight in line for snacks in Razlog

Two days ago, because of a queue in front of a pizzeria at the big break, several students from different high schools got into fight. Relatives of one of the children arrived from the neighborhood and the scandal turned into a physical quarrel. Two 12th graders were slightly injured - with wounds on the head.

"Once again we learn about beaten two boys from the known to the police "beaters" of Roma origin. How long will they be covered, should we close our eyes again? We call on all citizens to express our civic position and protect our children!

We express our sincere sympathy to the injured children and their families. Let's meet on Thursday, 21.09.2023 in front of the Municipality of Razlog at 16 pm and ask the government how long we will tolerate this. Let's not allow our children to be beaten!" is the appeal of the organizers of the protest, reports 24 hours.



Fight between students