An Australian guide drives across a river filled with 600 crocodiles every day to get to work, and this terrifying journey often makes him fear for his life.

The Daily Mail writes about it.

David McMahon, 36, has been the chief guide for Venture North Safaris in Australia's Northern Territory for over 15 years. He travels to the most remote and picturesque corners of the country. However, he has to cross the East Alligator River, which is infested with crocodiles.

Crocodiles in the East Alligator River

David shared a short clip showing nearly 15 crocodiles following his car.

The man also said that the discrepancy in the name and the creature occurred because the English researcher Philip Parker King could not distinguish alligators from crocodiles.

"It's really such a wild place," David said, looking at the deadly reptiles. "Over the years, I have crossed this river many times with my heart in my mouth! The worst is at night, and once I had to cross it very deep when the tide stopped and the new tide had not yet begun. As soon as I drove into the water, the headlights went out and I had to move blindly, knowing exactly what awaited me if I made a mistake."

David McMahon

But despite this, David genuinely loves his job.

"I love being able to share the beauty of Northern Australia with guests from all over the world," he said. "It's such a wild place, and there are fewer and fewer places like this on the planet."


Many were shocked by David's arduous commute and praised him for his bravery.

Others decided to fight their fear with humor: "This is the road that my father crossed every day on foot to get to school", "There, at least you don't get stuck in traffic."

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