A man called off the wedding after his fiancée's sister outraged his act.

The Mirror writes about it.

And all because of his beard. The man was furious when he woke up to a future relative named Sally shaving his beard while he slept. He had been growing facial hair for eight years and felt that his personal space had been violated.

He explained that while he and his fiancée Lexi have been "happily" engaged for the past year, their relationship has always been complicated by her sister. This is because they constantly told each other everything, including personal details of the groom's childhood. After a quarrel over a beard that ended with a broken glass, the man woke up to find the girl holding a razor near his face.

The groom always felt that she always disliked him as she hardly spoke to him. He also said that at times he felt that the sisters' relationship was overbearing. It all came to a head one night when the man and his lover began to argue over his "very thick" eight-year-old beard. The bride-to-be came out after being told that her beard would stay in place and broke a glass of wine and a plate on the way out.

"As a result, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up around 4 a.m. to Sally with a razor trying to shave my beard, so I pushed her away from me. Lexi then ran to check on Sally while I looked at myself in the mirror, then I went upstairs and packed my bag while Lexi yelled at me for hurting Sally. I said the wedding was canceled, left the house and drove an hour to my parents' house, where I was staying after the incident," he said.

Later, Sally texted him in which she stated that the groom acted selfishly because he did not shave his beard.

"I didn't answer her. My family thinks I should end the relationship, but her family said I should just shave it all off and move on. So what should I do and am I wrong?" he asked Reddit users.

He then provided a few additional details, explaining that in the following days he received many messages from his ex in which she begged him not to go and claimed that she was pregnant. After receiving many text messages alleging that the ex-partner had tried to commit suicide, it was later confirmed that the woman had been placed in a psychiatric ward for two weeks.

Users were speechless because of the behavior of two women.

The man updated the message, saying that he was grateful to people for their support, and said that he canceled the wedding and asked the locksmiths to change the locks in their house just in case.

He added: "The money for the wedding venue can't be refunded, but her parents had to pay for it anyway, so I don't care. I also contacted my lawyers."

Recall that the woman showed a video of how she caught her lover-traitor red-handed. She suspected him of infidelity.