A tattoo artist from the United States, who forked her tongue, showed how she eats.

Vij Duquette uploaded a clip of herself eating noodles on her TikTok account and users couldn't believe their eyes.

The girl learned to move both sides of her tongue. In the video, she grabs a dish from a fork with it and throws it into her mouth.

@viiduquette Eating noodles is so fun now #tonguesplit #eatingramen #ramen #noodles #snake #blblbl #tonguetricks #grabbyhands ♬ Say whaaat? - Comedy

The publication has collected almost 8 million views and more than 240 thousand likes. In the comments, users wrote that Viy surprised them.

The girl also told how she underwent the procedure. According to her, it feels like a piercing.

"The whole process was much easier than I expected and only took 15 minutes. The stitches were the worst of all. 2/10 pain through the incision. I was lucky. Personally, I've had much worse dental procedures, so I think I was a lot more prepared than I thought. I had stitches for 7 days. The pain was not severe. I still have the bridle, it goes to the right," Viy shared.

According to her, after the operation was performed, she began to salivate heavily and her tongue began to swell. After 24 hours, the tongue was enlarged, but the pain was still quite mild for her. After a week, the stitches came apart and the swelling decreased significantly.

Soon she began trying to move each part of her tongue individually.

Recall that in India, a child was born with 26 fingers and toes. The girl was called "the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess."