Police caught and detained 12 illegal migrants in the Harmanli village of Bulgarin, the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Interior - Haskovo announced.

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Yesterday morning, a car with Romanian registration passed at a checkpoint in the village, BTA reported.

Police officers noticed that there were many people in the car and followed it. 500 meters after the village, she was stopped and found that there were 12 foreign citizens in the car without identity documents.

With the help of an interpreter, the men, aged between 14 and 27, identified themselves as Syrians.

The 37-year-old Romanian leader was detained for 72 hours and charged, and the migrants were accommodated in the Special Home for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners in Lyubimets, police said.

Military man caught carrying migrants near Svoge

The last group of illegal migrants was found in the region, in an abandoned outpost near the border village of Prisadets near the border village of Topolovgrad, during the raging big fire in the Sakar Mountain in early September.

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