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The state debt of CASH has not exceeded 33 tonnes of 15 ceptembers, in order to the Ministry of Business, to the financial of the CAS. For the first time in the first time in order to make this language.

Πpedishno peĸopdna na na na po pī tvi meča. It is very long ago that it is a matter of the price of the tax penalty, as it was the same as the third limit of the legal debt of 32.31 tonnes (as it was more than January 4).

The 31 years of the 20 years of the Bastington's debt are in order to minimize the money. As soon as the long debt of CASH is the payment of the debt, ĸoitto the money owed to the ĸpedietopits, and they can be be ĸaĸaĸ to be the same and physical faces (ĸaat and natural and natural invectops), thaĸa and legal and ĸpypy invectives and invectives. Baschington vzama pai nazaem, for poĸpиe büdget déficit, ĸoitto ce of dishes of <> years.

Bloomberg: U.S. Treasury has less money than dozens of billionaires

For april-meai this year Baschington, it is necessary to take the place of the state debt, but to the days and individuals of the same as And the miniature of the financies of CA Chanat Ylan is not on the basis of the second day to be done until June, writes

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