Ulrich Lechte, a member of the German Bundestag, criticized Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki's statement that Warsaw is not currently transferring its military aid to Ukraine.

The statement of the deputy from the Free Democratic Party is quoted by the publication Welt.

Ulrich Lechte accused Morawiecki of political maneuvering, allegedly in order to earn points for the Law and Justice party in the election campaign in Poland. Lechte calls the Polish politician's statements "an election tactic of the Law and Justice government" to divert attention from the visa scandal.

"The fact that Poland, of all countries, which has been a reliable partner until now, stops military support for Ukraine and announces it in this way is a shame," the German MP said.

According to him, in this way, Warsaw wants to put pressure on the Ukraine and the EU to find a solution to the import of Ukrainian grain.

"Unfortunately, the Polish government is now deliberately doing this to the detriment of Ukraine," Lechte stressed.

Morawiecki's statements

Against the backdrop of the "grain crisis", the Polish Prime Minister said that since she herself is actively arming herself. According to him, Warsaw is modernizing and rapidly arming its army so that it becomes one of the strongest land armies in the world in a short time.

The Tako politician emphasizes that Warsaw is ready to help Kyiv with logistics and exports, but will not allow the situation inside the country to be destabilized. Morawiecki declares that he defends his interests, and Ukrainian oligarchs will not manage the Polish market.

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