They expressed their gratitude to the United States and all Americans who support Ukraine at the call of their hearts.

Zelensky wrote about this on his Telegram channel.

"We called for unity in the struggle for our common freedom," he added.

"Among the documents I saw today in the National Archives of the United States was a telegram from Abraham Lincoln to General Grant. An inspiring document. "Hold on with a bulldog's grip, gnaw and soul as much as you can" – the words of President Lincoln reflect the courage and faith that helped America. President Lincoln's words reflect exactly how Ukrainians fight. In our victorious battles for Kyiv, Kharkiv and Snake Island in the Black Sea. In our battle for Bakhmut, where our soldiers are moving forward despite the difficulties. In our battle for every centimeter of Ukrainian land," the Ukrainian head of state is convinced.

"Every day of this war, Ukrainian soldiers are holding on with a bulldog's grip. They gnaw and strangle the Russian occupiers as much as possible. Never before has the Russian dictatorship encountered such strong resistance. And never again will Russia succeed in destroying any other nation. Putin's list of countries to destroy has been long. More recently. If Ukraine fell, half of Europe would be at risk of falling into Moscow's sphere of influence. But U.S. investments in Ukrainian security and the global defense of freedom are working. One hundred percent. To the last cent," Zelensky said.

"Now Putin has a different list of goals. Instead of dictating terms to America, Europe and the entire free world, Putin is forced to humiliate himself by personally entertaining the delegation from Pyongyang and trying to win Tehran's favor. This demonstrates its obvious weakness. Ukraine is paying the highest price for defending freedom and global security. Every day and every night, Russia continues its terror with missiles and Iranian drones. But every day, our unity remains strong. You support us. And we know we won't fall. And we see how our freedom retains the grip of a bulldog. We are confident that other nations will not have to send their armies to this battle. Ukraine is able to end this war with a victory that will be our common victory. Today, it is not the evil empire, but only the lack of unity that can bring freedom to its knees," Ukrainian president said.

"There is not a single person here who would be indifferent to what happens to freedom. There is not a single Ukrainian who would not be grateful. Those who help us not because they have to, but because their hearts tell us to. This is humanity. This is what makes us Ukraine. This is what makes you America," the head of Ukraine said.

"Today we are here with Olena to express our gratitude to the Americans who have done and are doing extraordinary things at the call of their hearts. American hearts beat just like Ukrainian hearts. I want you all to know that America has saved millions of Ukrainian lives. When I spoke with President Biden in the early morning hours of February 24, 2022, the world did not believe in Ukraine. But I assured him that we would not give up. And he confirmed that America will be with us for as long as it takes. The U.S. Congress confirmed this. Ukraine will always be grateful for this," Zelensky summed up.

Earlier, Biden told when the first Abram tanks would arrive in Ukraine and announced a new aid package.

The Pentagon also announced additional security assistance to Ukraine.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link Biden stood up to shake hands with Zelensky! There are the first agreements.

Before his visit to the White House, President Zelenskyy discussed with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin the supply of artillery systems and long-range weapons.