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Why did greenhouse growers oppose the protests of the agricultural sector?

They sent a sharp declaration in which they even propose that tractors bought with EU funds that block roads be confiscated in favor of the state.

At 10 o'clock at Dolni Bogrov, the protesters will meet with the initiative committee that negotiated with the government. Future actions of the sector will be discussed there. "There will be a ban on sunflower until there is a clear mechanism on how exactly imports will be controlled," Simeon Karakolev, chairman of the National Sheep and Goat Association, told Nova TV.

Farmers are on standby.

The same condition applied to rapeseed and maize, but there the regulation was from Brussels.

Velin Georgiev from the National Association of Greenhouse Producers explained in the studio of "Hello, Bulgaria" that the Minister of Agriculture does not even want to correspond to the industry. According to him, the sector had many problems about which they have written letters from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food many times.

Picture: Nova TV


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