China is actively preparing for war with the United States, and this is evidenced by US intelligence.

This is stated by the former national security adviser of the Trump administration, John Bolton, in his article in The Telegraph.

The Republican politician and opponent of Trump drew attention to the statement of US Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall, who spoke unequivocally about the threat from China.

"The intelligence data couldn't be clearer. I can't say what their true intentions are. But China is preparing for war, and specifically for war with the United States," Kendall said.

According to Bolton, Kendall's speech accurately reflects the bipartisan American consensus on Beijing's threat to the global West.

"This threat is not limited to military affairs, but also extends to politics and economics. Over the past decade, we (the United States – Ed.) have been aware of this threat at different speeds. In many cases, we have been dangerously slow to assess the magnitude and magnitude of the risks," the Republican said.

Bolton believes that China has been waging an economic war against the West for decades: stealing intellectual property, pursuing mercantilist policies within supposedly free trade institutions such as the WTO, isolating its critical domestic markets from foreign competition, while exploiting Western openness.

John Bolton / Photo: UNIAN

He blamed the CEOs of large enterprises who have invested too much in China or become too dependent on Beijing, and who for years did not realize that

"A correct understanding of the threat to China by the whole of society and the adoption of a strong commitment to its defeat means that the West can defeat the existential threat of the 21st century. On the contrary, ignoring the tangible reality we face for fear of agitating the communist emperors of the 'Middle Kingdom' will ensure our defeat," Bolton concluded.

Recall that in March 2023, the American publication Foreign Affairs published an article that China was preparing for war.

The Atlantic wrote that the United States is preparing for war with China based on Ukraine's experience.

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