Ex-Raigaon MLA opens tea stall

Satna: Former MLA of Raigaon Assembly Dhirendra Singh Dhiru has come into the limelight by opening a tea shop. The former MLA has started a political tea shop in his house. After opening the shop, he targeted the state government and said that all industries have been occupied by capitalists, in such a situation, the industries of many people are not able to run. Under compulsion, he too had to open a tea shop so that he could sustain his family in times of inflation.

The former MLA said finding jobs is the biggest problem in the country. I am not able to make this choice even though I am an MLA, former president of the district panchayat and a political person. In such a situation, it was decided that which business can be done with the least capital so that the profit of running the household expenses can be made. Dhiru has said that when I may face a crisis of being able to choose business, then what a big crisis the common unemployed will face.

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former MLA said the unemployment crisis faced by the people was due to the wrong policies of all governments. Dhiru further said that the governments of the country and the state have made policies only for big industrialists, due to which the entire business of the country has gone into the hands of big industrialists and the common citizen of the country has become unemployed and is drowning in debt. Unemployment is the biggest reason for the increase in crime in the country. This problem has increased due to people not getting employment.

Ex-MLA opens tea shop

He also said that due to lack of policy for small scale industries and cottage industries, there is unemployment across the country today, people are wandering, they do not understand what employment or work to do. When they do not understand employment, unemployed people move towards crime. "Right now, I have opened a tea stall to support my family. He has started a political tea shop in his residence. He says that if he gets any profit from this, then he will use that money to provide employment to other people.

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Some people are calling this move of the
former MLA as his stunt so that he can come to the center of the discussion. By the way, Dhirendra Singh Dhiru keeps adopting some new way to stay in the discussion. He had taken exile with his wife before the 2018 elections. For several months, he built a hut on the side of the road in Raigaon and lived in it.

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