The command post of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation near Sevastopol on Wednesday, September 20, was destroyed thanks to a well-aimed missile strike. The special operation was carried out by units of the Security Service of Ukraine, the Air Force and the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This was reported by the Telegram channel "Operative ZSU" with reference to its own sources in the SBU.

The report says that the strike was carried out after the Security Service verified information that the commanders of the enemy fleet were indeed at the military base, which the Russian generals used as a reserve command post so that they would not be reached at their main place of deployment.

The military base was destroyed by missiles that accurately hit the target. Not only the enemy's manpower was hit, but also expensive military systems.

The SBU promises that the "cotton season" in Crimea will continue.

Earlier, Ukrainian intelligence confirmed missile strikes on the locations of Russian equipment in the occupied Crimea on the afternoon of September 20.