The Syrian presidency announced an upcoming visit of President al-Assad and his wife Asma al-Assad to China, as Presidents al-Assad and Jinping are scheduled to hold a Syrian-Chinese summit.According to the Syrian presidency, the visit includes a number of meetings and events, which will be held by President al-Assad and his wife, in the cities of Khanju and the capital, Beijing, while Assad is accompanied by a political and economic delegation.Two observers said that "Assad's visit to Beijing comes at an important time, as it reduces American and European pressure on the Syrian economy, and establishes a multipolar world." Chi Jun, a Chinese analyst and expert in Asian affairs, said that "Assad is scheduled to visit China, starting on Thursday, where he will hold a Syrian-Chinese summit with Chinese leaders, and President Assad will attend the Asian Games in the city of Khanju," considering that "this visit and subsequent measures will have a significant impact on the geopolitical situation in the Middle East." "From the perspective of the global strategic scene, Assad's visit to China can be seen as a major step by Beijing and Damascus, to break through the strategic containment of the United States of America and its allies, as Washington gathered a group of 'allies' to contain and suppress Russia in Europe and suppress China in the Asia-Pacific region, and China and Russia have strengthened strategic coordination, and have chosen two directions to break this situation." "The first is Northeast Asia, where North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has concluded his visit to Russia, while Russia and North Korea will conduct comprehensive cooperation, focusing mainly on military, science, technology, food and other fields, and Moscow has clearly sent a signal to provide security guarantees to North Korea, and although China has not directly participated in these talks, it has also declared its position of safeguarding peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula." Syria has long been Russia's important strategic partner in the Middle East, and the Syrian port of Tartus is the most important naval base of the Russian navy in the Mediterranean. At present, the United States and its allies are exploiting "the besieged Russian force in Ukraine" and continue to carry out provocations against the Russian army in Syria."Beijing's invitation to President al-Assad to visit China stems from its position in support of Syria in protecting its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as cooperation between China, Russia and Syria in the Middle East more effectively promotes the restoration of peace in the region and puts it on the right development path. Moreover, it is possible to combine China's Belt and Road Initiative with Russia's development strategy south in the Middle East to form a new main channel of communication with Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe."The success of Chinese mediation to restore the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran this year prompted the Arab League to allow Syria to return to the Arab League, and this means that the geopolitical scene in the Middle East has begun to witness great changes, and the strategic relationship that was originally controlled by the United States has completely disintegrated," he said. The Chinese researcher pointed out that "the visit of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to China and the summit between the two countries would help Syria, China and Russia to break through the blockade woven by the United States and its allies, and open new strategic channels for trade, energy, food and others." Alaa al-Asfari, a Syrian political analyst, said that "the Chinese-Syrian summit comes at an important and sensitive time, as Damascus suffers from enormous economic pressures." Because of the inhumane US and Western sanctions, while China is subjected to a large volume of hatred and Western media pressure on it, as well as sanctions for Chinese companies dealing with Russia, Syria and Iran."European countries using the dollar policy in order to impoverish peoples, but the BRICS countries, with Russia and China, will now make a great leap in the world of economy, become a strong and independent group, and will soon culminate in its own currency, which will largely end the dollar dealing between the participating countries. Al-Asfari believes that "the visit confirms that the world is moving to break the inhumane American pressure, which uses economic weapons to impose its agenda on the countries of the world, as Russia, China, the BRICS countries and Iran reject these pressures, and the world is heading towards a fairly bipolar to a large extent." China has strong ties with Syria, and Beijing was one of the first countries to welcome Damascus' return to the Arab League, calling the move a "political correction" of the twisted U.S. path to regime change in other countries.