President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called for Russia's nuclear disarmament and the unity of all civilized states from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly. The day before, a high week began in New York, today it will continue with a special meeting of the UN Security Council dedicated to the full-scale Russian war. The skirmish in absentia took place between the closest neighbors - the presidents of Ukraine and Poland. Zelensky accused those involved in the grain embargo of playing into Putin's hands, Duda compared Ukraine to a drowned man.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent in the United States Olga Koshelenko.

Zelensky and Lavrov may find themselves at the same table at the UN: what the President of Ukraine says

A special meeting of the UN Security Council dedicated to the war in Ukraine, at the highest level of leaders, will begin at 17:00 Kyiv time.

"And theoretically, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov can meet at the same table there - he replaces his non-traveling leader Vladimir Putin. Of course, if Lavrov decides on this experience. Last year, during a similar meeting, in order not to listen to a flurry of criticism from colleagues, he ran away from the hall and returned only for the duration of his speech," explains TSN correspondent Olha Koshelenko.

Volodymyr Zelensky himself considers Lavrov's presence in the UN to be a problem not his own - the organization.

"It is important for us that all our words and thoughts are heard by our partners, and if, unfortunately, there is still a place for Russian terrorists in the UN, this question is not for me. This is a question for all UN members," President Zelensky said.

UN meeting / Photo: Associated Press

Joe Biden on the inadmissibility of the "division of Ukraine"

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, speaking from the rostrum of the General Assembly, after a year and a half of great war, repeats the obvious - only unity can save each individual country from aggression. He amplifies words with actions - he brought proposals for expanding the UN Security Council and additional funding from the World Bank. All in order to win over countries that still support Putin.

"Russia believes that the world will get tired and will allow Ukraine to be dealt with without any consequences. But I ask you: if we abandon the basic principles of the UN Charter in order to appease the aggressor, will any member state be able to be sure that it is protected? If we allow Ukraine to be divided, will the independence of any nation be guaranteed? The answer is no. We must confront this naked aggression today to deter other potential aggressors tomorrow," Joe Biden said.

"Shadow" deals with Russia

Last year, at a meeting of the General Assembly, Zelensky presented his peace formula remotely from Kyiv. However, despite the efforts of Ukrainian diplomacy, it has not yet been possible to organize a general summit where it would be approved.

"I am aware of attempts to make shady deals behind the scenes. You can't believe evil – ask Prigozhin if you can rely on Putin's promises. Please hear me. Let unity decide everything openly," Zelensky said.

Scandal with Poland

On the sidelines of the General Assembly, Zelensky holds numerous meetings - with the leaders of South Africa, Kenya, and Israel. But with the president of neighboring Poland, there is a skirmish in absentia. Zelensky hinted at countries that have imposed a ban on the export of Ukrainian grain, and thus seem to have played along with Putin. In response, Andrzej Duda compared Ukraine to a drowned man dragging a rescuer to the bottom. The Polish leader has confirmed several times that he intends to talk with Zelensky in New York. However, the meeting has not yet taken place - the official explanation, the schedules did not match.

"It's disturbing to see how some in Europe, some of our friends in Europe, are acting out solidarity in political theatre – and making a thriller on the grain. It may seem that they are playing their role, but in fact they are helping to play the stage for the Moscow actor," Zelensky said.

"Ukraine is under attack by Russia, it is undoubtedly in a very difficult situation. She grabs at everything she can. Do we need to act to protect ourselves from being harmed by a drowning man? A drowning person is extremely dangerous because he can drag you to the depths... It can simply drown the rescuer," Duda said.

Andrzej Duda at the UN / Photo: Getty Images

In addition to this exchange of pins, the speech of the President of Poland at the General Assembly was still in favor of Ukraine. On Wednesday, Zelenskyy is still scheduled to meet with the German chancellor, the prime minister of Albania, the president of Chile and one of Putin's most outspoken friends, the president of Brazil. On Thursday, the President of Ukraine flies to Washington for talks with American elites.

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Earlier it was reported that Ukraine had filed a lawsuit with the WTO against Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to have these countries lift their embargo on the import of Ukrainian grain.

Slovakia, Poland and Hungary have unilaterally imposed a national ban on the import of agricultural goods from Ukraine.