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The prices of food products that are produced from raw materials banned from imports from Ukraine must fall. They are stock exchanges, so they are traded much lower than two months ago and we should see them on the stand with lower values. This is what Peyo Mayorski, chairman of the Association for Consumer Protection, said about "Your Day".

"Back in April, when the ban was introduced, we issued an opinion that this would in any case violate the prices of the main products in the consumer basket. Now we see the opposite - the ban falls, which makes us think that the already free market has been restored and the prices of the main products would fall for the end users. However, we need to know that those products that have been banned are stock exchanges and participate on international exchanges, and there the price in the last month, month and a half has fallen dramatically, over 1.5% below, "he explained.

According to him, any interference in free trade leads to market distortion. "We have witnessed this. Large grain producers are trying to make internal dumping of the price - their products to be bought by Bulgarian consumers at a higher price than that offered on the exchanges. We believe and again hold our thesis that grain producers as a whole are one of the branches well supported by state aid. Breeders and plant breeders are underfunded through state subsidies, while those who produce wheat crops, sunflower, are well subsidized," Mayorski said.

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