Poland is no longer transferring any weapons to Ukraine, as it is actively arming itself.

This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Polsat News reports.

"Ukraine is defending itself against the brutal attack of the Russian Federation, and I understand this situation, but, as I said, we must protect our country. We are not transferring weapons to Ukraine now, as we ourselves are arming ourselves with the most modern weapons," Morawiecki said.

According to him, Poland is modernizing and rapidly arming its army so that it becomes one of the strongest land armies in the world in a short time.

What will happen to the hub in Rzeszów, where weapons for Ukraine arrive

The Polish Prime Minister assured that Poland would not slow down the work of the transport hub in Rzeszów for the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

"We have good relations, we wish victory (to Ukraine – Ed.) And we are helping to achieve this victory over the Russian barbarian. But we cannot agree to the destabilization of the Polish market. We will maintain the transit of Ukrainian goods, because Poland does not spend any money, but rather makes money on it. We will not risk Ukraine's security, and in this regard, our hub in Rzeszów, in cooperation with the Americans and NATO, will continue to play its role," Morawiecki assured.

Grain export

The Polish prime minister noted that "it cannot be that Ukrainian oligarchs manage the grain market in Poland."

"Transport – yes, exports – yes, instability and destabilization of the Polish market – no," he said.

Morawiecki is sure that the deterioration of relations between Warsaw and Kyiv is rejoicing at the "Russian trolls" who have already become active on the Internet and are sowing discord between the countries.