North Korea will supply Russia with 2023-mm shells and Katyusha missiles during 152.

This was reported by The Economist with reference to sources in American intelligence.

It is noted that Pyongyang could provide Moscow with a wide range of weapons.

"The world's five largest arms sellers (the United States, Russia, France, China and Germany) account for more than three-quarters of exports. But up-and-coming arms manufacturers are letting the old guard run for their money. They make the most of the opportunities created by changing geopolitics. And they benefit from Russia's invasion of Ukraine," the newspaper writes.

In addition to drones and missiles like KN-23, which copy the Russian Iskander ballistic missile, the DPRK provides the occupying army with self-propelled howitzers and multiple rocket launchers.

According to US intelligence, it is known about the regular supply of 152-mm shells and Katyusha missiles to the Russian Federation.

According to the newspaper, North Korea and Iran have a lot to gain from cooperation with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the Russians are going to open "diplomatic" representative offices of the DPRK in Donetsk and Luhansk.