A video published on the Web on Wednesday, September 20, in which the President of Russian Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, communicates with his uncle Magomed Kadyrov in a Kremlin hospital, has raised even more questions about the health of this figure, who is considered one of the pillars of the Putin regime.

A detailed review of the discrepancies between the description under the video and the known facts was published by the opposition Chechen Telegram channel Niyso.

First of all, the Chechen oppositionists drew attention to the fact that Ramzan Kadyrov did not appear in the public space for almost three weeks: no life meetings, no meetings, only archival footage passed off as new. And suddenly it turns out that all this time he was not in the hospital, but spent the night there at the bedside of his sick uncle — in fact, all day long.

According to the Russian propagandists who published this video, the head of an entire constituent entity of the Russian Federation was idle for almost a month due to his uncle's illness, not fulfilling his direct duties and not getting in touch.

Secondly, the caption of the video refers to a "work trip" that Ramzan Kadyrov used to visit his uncle in the hospital, whom he obviously loves more than life. But, as usual, he pompously came to Moscow, shared photos and videos from meetings, and here he quietly flew in and hid.

Thirdly, 5 days ago, congratulating Magomed Kadyrov on his birthday, neither the Chechen leader nor his henchmen mentioned the state of his health. On the other hand, Ramzan Kadyrov has been constantly appearing in the statuses in recent days, in some cases with direct wishes for health.

Magomed Kadyrov's birthday greetings / Photo from social networks

Magomed Kadyrov's birthday greetings / Photo from social networks

Fourthly, comparing today's video with the one that was published 3 days ago, observers noticed that Kadyrov began to look much worse - without a blush on his cheeks, pale, with swollen eyes, it is clear that he lacks the strength even to speak. By the way, the shooting was carried out in such a way that there was less emphasis on Ramzan's face.

But Magomed, especially in the last shots, looks fresh and healthy. "It seems as if he and Ramzan Kadyrov just switched places for 5 minutes," the observers summed up.

Recall that the real picture of what happened to the so-called head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and in what condition he is, the Kremlin carefully conceals.