In Karabakh, a car with so-called Russian "peacekeepers" was fired upon. All the soldiers in the car were killed.

This is confirmed by the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country.

According to the report, the incident occurred on September 20 in the area of the settlement of Janyatag (Chankatah).

"A car with Russian servicemen came under fire from small arms. As a result of the shelling, Russian servicemen who were in the car were killed," the statement reads.

Exactly how many soldiers died is not specified.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan expressed "deepest condolences". At the same time, Baku did not take responsibility for what happened, but only asked to "be patient" and wait for the results of the investigation.

In the comments, the so-called "Z-patriots" are outraged that such a statement by Azerbaijan sounds like a mockery of the Russian Federation.

Recall that on September 20, the "authorities" of the unrecognized "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" announced that they were ceaseing fire and laying down their arms.

In turn, Azerbaijan announced that it was ending "anti-terrorist measures" — this was confirmed by the country's Defense Ministry.

Georgian political scientist Gela Vasadze said that after the current events in Karabakh, Armenia got a chance to "get away from Russia."

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