Some Ukrainians may be banned from traveling abroad. Certain bans on leaving Ukraine apply, in particular, during martial law.

How to check if there is a ban on traveling abroad – read on

Ban on traveling abroad – what are the reasons

The main reasons why Ukrainians may be banned from leaving the country are arrears in the payment of alimony, a court decision prohibiting travel abroad, a criminal case opened against a person or serving a sentence, possession of information that is a state secret.

How To Check If There Is A Travel Ban 2023

There are several ways to find out about the ban or restriction on traveling outside Ukraine. The most reliable method is to submit a written request to the Main Center for Special Information Processing of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

A request to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine can be submitted in person through the office or sent a letter to the postal address of the center.

What should be indicated in the request to the SBGS:

Whether it is forbidden to travel abroad or not – this can be checked online for the most popular reasons for refusing to cross the border:

Is there a ban on traveling abroad? – Opendatabot

In addition, there are special applications for checking the ban on traveling abroad, for example, Opendatabot.

To check the ban on traveling abroad, send your tax number (TIN) to the bot. If you find yourself in the register of debtors for non-payment of alimony, you are prohibited from leaving Ukraine.

Next, send your last name, first name, and patronymic to the bot. If you are wanted or there is a court case regarding traveling abroad, then it is prohibited.

Who may be restricted from traveling abroad

There are several categories of Ukrainians who may be temporarily restricted from traveling abroad:

It should be noted that traveling abroad during martial law is also prohibited for those who are subject to conscription for military service.

By the way, journalists found hundreds of public organizations and charitable foundations involved in the escape of men of military age from Ukraine.

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