The official spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, Omar Abdul Razzaq, said that "the Council of Ministers directed to cut off the Internet service from (4-7) am from September 17 to 28 of the same month at the request of the Ministry of Education."

The Ministry of Communications

"The ministry does not support cutting off internet service," he said, calling on the Ministry of Education to "find alternative solutions to the problem of exam questions".

The Iraqi Ministry of Education deliberately cuts off the Internet on the days of ministerial exams for the third intermediate and sixth preparatory grades, as a way to avoid leaking questions and cheating, after repeated cases of leaking exam questions hours before the exam during the past years, which aroused the discontent of students and their parents.

The move comes amid a popular division around it, while users, especially in the commercial, business and entertainment sector, express their dissatisfaction with the decision, which reflects negatively on their work and interests, while students' parents and educators express their enthusiasm for the decision to cut off the Internet during exam times to prevent cheating and leaking questions, as well as for students not busy browsing the Internet and focusing on studying and studying in preparation for exams.

Iraqi information expert Mohammed Abdullah said in an interview with Sky News Arabia: "There is no doubt that the decision to cut off the Internet involves a number of negatives that harm various economic, service and life sectors, where within seconds the prices of stock exchanges and financial markets change, which may expose many traders, businessmen and companies to losses, due to the interruption of the network."

The transportation and services sector is also affected, as many rely on applications for ordering taxis, such as when there are medical emergencies, for example, or that there is a need for consumables such as food and drink.

Instead of cutting off the Internet service under the pretext of fear of leaking questions, it is necessary to search for mechanisms and ways to address the issue, by filling gaps and strengthening censorship and cybersecurity, without harming and disrupting people's interests, as in our time almost everything is related to the availability of the Internet.

Therefore, cutting the Internet is not an effective option and cannot even curb the leakage of questions, as leakers can use satellite Internet networks, for example.

In conclusion, the damage caused by this procedure is very large, negatively reflected on various aspects of life and production in the country, which has become the subject of clear anger among users in general, and requires a review.