The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was either poisoned by the Russian special services for a specific purpose, or he himself became addicted to drugs.

This opinion was expressed in an interview with UNIAN by a former employee of the KGB and the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia Sergey Zhirnov.

"I think that it is not beneficial for Putin at this particular moment (Kadyrov's death - ed.). It may be beneficial for him to scare Kadyrov. So, if this is FSB poisoning, then one from which a person does not die... He (Kadyrov – ed.) could have been slightly poisoned so that he would swell, so that there would be problems with the kidneys, so that he would need hemodialysis every week. But, on the other hand, I absolutely do not rule out that Kadyrov himself could get hooked on drugs," the former intelligence officer said.

At the same time, Zhirnov noted that he does not consider the version of Kadyrov's poisoning to be very serious, since he is an "all-powerful person" only in Chechnya, and "can do nothing" outside of it.

"Putin is not interested in Kadyrov's disappearance, because he fulfills the contract: you control Chechnya, but you do absolutely whatever you want there. But Putin needs Kadyrov to be subdued. Because he was impudent when he looked at Prigozhin, he had the habits that, they say, I can also come to Moscow with my abreks and arrange the same riot. To prevent this from happening, he could be slightly poisoned...", the expert added.

Recall that the Main Directorate of Intelligence says that a tough and bloody struggle for power is expected in Chechnya.

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