When the Ukrainian military took the Andriivka-Klishchiivka line, it gave them fire control over part of the city of Bakhmut. This is a reference line for the implementation of further plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The ex-commander of the Azov Regiment, deputy commander of the 3rd separate assault brigade, Major of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Maksym Zhorin wrote about this on his social media page.

According to him, official reports about the capture of settlements do not mean that the fighting stops there. Fighting continues there as the occupiers try to restrain the Ukrainian military.

"In my personal opinion, in the near future, the enemy will no longer think about the return of these settlements, but about restraining us and restoring their own forces, arranging their line of defense. The enemy will definitely inflict damage as much as possible with the help of artillery, drones, and fabs to delay our advance," said Maksym Zhorin.

He also added that until the Russian occupiers replace the units with combat-ready ones and raise the morale and psychological state of the personnel, it is too early to talk about attempts at a counteroffensive.

"The 72nd Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Russian Federation is completely defeated, and we are unlikely to see it at the front in the near future, because the command is almost destroyed. The 31st and 83rd Airborne Assault Brigades were significantly damaged. All the attached forces like "Espanyola" just f***ed out of there. But all this is temporary. As soon as they assemble the frame, they will try to advance again," Zhorin summed up.

It will be recalled that the general situation in the eastern direction remains difficult, the occupiers do not abandon their intentions to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.