The minimum temperatures today will be between 10° and 15°, in Sofia – 11°, on the beach – from 18° to 20°, and the maximum – between 24° and 29°, in Sofia – 25°.

It will be mostly sunny. In the afternoon over Western Bulgaria there will be temporary increases in cloud cover and in some places it will rain. In eastern Bulgaria will blow weak to moderate east wind.

On the Black Sea coast it will be mostly sunny. It will blow gentle to moderate wind, along the northern coast from the southeast, along the south from the northeast. The maximum temperatures will be 23°-25°, as is the temperature of the sea water. The wave of the sea will be about 3 balls.

In the mountains will prevail sunny weather. Temporary increases in cloud cover will be over the massifs of Western Bulgaria and in some places there will be rain. It will blow weak, on the high and open parts - moderate wind from the west-northwest. The maximum temperature at an altitude of 1200 meters will be about 20°, at 2000 meters - about 14°.