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The subsidies drove people out of the villages. The way of subsidization means that mainly grain production is stimulated, it needs less labor, there is not enough livelihood and people are fleeing. This is what Vladislav Panev – Deputy Chairman of the PG of PP-DB – said in an interview for "More from the day".

"The methodology of subsidization needs to be changed. This is not in the interest of those employed in grain production, mainly. For Ukraine, it has little impact on the price at which they sell their products as they export it. If they export 80% of their production, what does it matter to them what is the price on the Bulgarian market?" he asked.

The National Association of Greenhouse Producers Opposed the Protests of Farmers in the Country

The vision of the government is the one that would lead them to success, Panev expressed confidence.

Minister Vatev went to the grain producers: Explain to them that he too comes from the field

"Everyone's demands from his point of view are fair. It is very good that there are two protests: precisely of farmers and energy producers, because these are two of the sectors in greatest need of reforms. If there are protests, something is being done," the MP believes.


Vladislav Panev

Subsidies to agriculture


Protests of farmers