The interlocutor on the air of "Our Day" Ventsislav Varbanov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Agrofood Chamber and a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, said that the protest of farmers can be resolved peacefully.

"We are not going to war and you cannot say at all that the protest will not be resolved peacefully," he said.

Rosen Kosturkov: To a large extent the protests of farmers have political motives

According to Varbanov, farmers are not only fighting for economic benefits and subsidies, but rather for a change in attitude towards them and for saving their business and livelihoods.

"We first do not protest for money and subsidies, we protest for attitude and saving our own business and livelihoods. You can see that all sectors of the sector joined the protest because this communication is missing with absolutely everyone," he said.

According to him, the protest, which spread throughout the country and is now stepping on the approaches to the capital, unites all farmers because there is no adequate communication between them and the government.

"If they had good communication with the sector, it wouldn't come to such things. "The Prime Minister first called us 'terrorists', then I don't remember him apologising somewhere, then explaining how our demands were met, which is not true."

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria has announced that working groups and advisory councils have been established, but this argument, according to Varbanov, does not correspond to the truth and does not solve the problems of farmers. He adds that the way the government has treated the four countries with which we are going in a package is incorrect.

"In his last appearance in front of the media, the Prime Minister explains that there are working groups and advisory councils, this is not true. If the problem were only with the nipple, there might not have been a protest. The way the government acted to the four countries with whom we are going in a package was not at all correct, "he said.

In the broadcast, he also expressed his concerns that the current policy of importing fruit and vegetables from third countries, including Ukraine, is a serious threat to the Bulgarian agricultural sector. Ventsislav Varbanov pointed out that the products from Ukraine do not meet the European requirements and are produced with genetically modified seeds, which are strictly prohibited in the European Union.

The protest of the farmers remains relevant and will gather about 600 heavy machines that will stay on specially designated terrains on the approaches to the capital. Due to the trade union protest of miners and power engineers, the entry of heavy equipment in the center of Sofia was postponed until early afternoon. Farmers give until about 15:00 to meet their demands. Protest farmers gather their tractors in Dolni Bogrov, where the announced demonstration will take place. However, some of them are already taking positions at the entrances of the capital, ready to insist on their demands.

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