The municipal enterprise "Kyiv Center for Tourism Development" at the Kyiv City State Administration ordered photo zones in the form of 3D structures - the logo of the city and the Archangel Michael. They are ready to spend 640 thousand hryvnias from the city budget for their manufacture and installation.

The procurement, published on Prozorro, caused discussion on the Web. Once again, Ukrainians are surprised by the use of hundreds of thousands of hryvnias during a full-scale war.

Gilded Archangel and Huge Letters

The tender was won by the only participant – FOP "Shysh Oleksandr Vasyliovych", registered in Kharkiv. Its main activity is the production of finished metal products. The entrepreneur offered to do the work for UAH 599,989. An agreement was concluded with him.

Screenshot / Photo: ProZorro

The first structure ordered by the utility company is two-meter mirror letters KYIV made of food steel. The tender documentation states that they must be made in Arial Bold font, and another inscription in the form of an official tourist logo is placed on a granite base. There should be no sharp corners shown in the sketch.

The second structure is a two-meter steel figure of the Archangel Michael, gilded with titanium nitride. The sculpture must be preceded by a graphic brand of the city of Kyiv.

Screenshot from the annex to the tender documentation

Screenshot from the annex to the tender documentation

Both sculptures will serve as photo zones, they should be installed in October.

Three mini-layouts for 1.8 million

Another tender from the utility company, which is worthy of attention, is for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of bronze mini-models of tourist-attractive objects. It was announced on September 1.

The only participant and winner here is the same as in the previous tender – FOP "Shysh Oleksandr Vasyliovych". However, the amount is quite different. In this case, they are ready to spend 1.8 million budget funds on "tourism development".

Screenshot / Photo: ProZorro

The first model is a reproduction of the building of the National Opera of Ukraine, the second is a monument to the founder of Kyiv, and the third is a monument to Taras Shevchenko. The height of each layout is 4 cm.

The figurines should be placed next to the building and monuments. It is also planned to install signs with descriptions in Ukrainian, English and Braille around the perimeter.

The tender documentation states that the purpose of this procurement is to fulfill the tasks of the City Target Program for Tourism Development for 2022-2024, which was approved by the decision of the session of the Kyiv City Council.

What they say in the Kyiv City State Administration

The website contacted the Kyiv City State Administration with questions about these procurements. A response was prepared for us, but later the press service called and said that the procurement had been canceled.

A corresponding publication later appeared on the official portal of Kyiv.

"At the beginning of the year, it was planned to replace the damaged photo zones, however, given the current conditions, the purchase was canceled. Future projects to upgrade Kyiv's tourism infrastructure are planned to be implemented at the expense of attracted investors. Therefore, there is currently no reason for public concern," the statement said.

It is noted that the purchase was allegedly canceled on September 13, after the conclusion of the contract. The second tender for UAH 1.8 million is not currently mentioned on the website of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Recall that in Kremenchuk, a kindergarten wanted to buy a kitchen thermometer for UAH 384 million.