The woman was horrified when the truth about what her husband was doing became known after a lie detector test.

In an email to Slate, she explained that she has been married for 16 years, calling herself a "professional wife" and clarifying that she has "no children."

She said that at the beginning of their relationship, everything seemed perfect, but then her husband was fired from his job because the company faced financial problems. As a result, she said, because she was earning a lot, he didn't have to go back to work as long as he kept the house at a good level.

He didn't find a new job, but he didn't keep the house clean either. She explained: "A few years later, I strongly suspected that he was having affairs, but he always denied it. I don't have concrete evidence, but he did a lot of suspicious things, like hiding months of phone bills and sending midnight messages." She said they hadn't had sex in five years because she didn't fully trust him, and then he willingly took two polygraph tests to "save the marriage." "He failed the tests," she was indignant.

The woman stated that she no longer loved him, but he did not leave. They sleep in different bedrooms, and she even said that if he admitted his infidelity, she would try to make things right. But "he declares that the polygraph tests are wrong" instead of admitting that he jumped into buckwheat.

My wife asked for advice because she didn't know what to do next.

The answer was quite harsh. The man was called "terrible" and the woman was advised to speak to a divorce lawyer, saying the financial damage was worth it to get rid of him. She was also told that the woman was experiencing "emotional isolation" and that her husband had taken advantage of her.

Speaking about the accuracy of polygraph tests, the BBC explained that polygraphs are designed to measure bodily reactions "such as blood pressure or sweaty palms" to determine whether the person being tested is lying or not. If this is done by "specialists in the right conditions", the accuracy can be at the level of "80 to 90%".

Recall that the man hired a spy to follow the bride on vacation with her friends. It became known that he found out.