The notorious MP from the "Servant of the People" Yevhen Brahar, who offered the pensioner to sell her dog to pay for gas, headed the Committee on Freedom of Speech instead of Nestor Shufrych.

This was announced by the People's Deputy from the "Voice" Yaroslav Zhelezniak.

"Instead of him (Nestor Shufrych. – Ed.) now the acting chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Speech will be Yevhen Brahar," Zheleznyak wrote.

He noted that in this Committee, in addition to Brahar himself, there is only one more deputy - Serhiy Shvets.

Prior to that, Yevhen Brahar was the first deputy chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Speech.

What is the People's Deputy Brahar known for?

Recall that Bragar became famous in 2020 on one of the talk shows with his appeal to a pensioner, whom he advised to "sell a dog of an elite breed" in order to pay for utilities.

After that, a lively discussion of the advice broke out on social networks. The words of the people's deputy were also criticized in the "Servant of the People".

In 2021, MP Brahar was stopped by patrol officers because he was suspected of drug intoxication. The deputy himself denied that he was driving under the influence of drugs and accused the cops of extorting a bribe.

After this scandal, Bragar's driver's license was returned, and the patrol officers were punished. The policemen who stopped the odious people's deputy were reprimanded. Their superior, the company commander, was demoted.

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