The well-known Ukrainian rapper Yarmak, who has been serving in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale war, spoke sharply about the scandalous Yulia Verba.

In particular, the musician spoke about Ukrainian bloggers. Yarmak is convinced that before the start of the full-scale war in Ukraine, the field of blogging was not very successful, because many users followed Russian celebrities. However, in 2022, Ukrainian content spread. In particular, there are many bloggers who are really conscious, unite to help and do everything to speed up the victory. As an example, Yarmak cited blogger Mykhailo Lebiga.

Rapper Yarmak

"I like the fact that Ukraine is forming its own pool of bloggers, quite conscious bloggers. Misha Lebiga makes a great contribution to providing the units with her fundraisers and streams. I am very glad that we are creating our own environment, our own opinion leaders, because until 2022 we had a failure. Everyone watched Russian bloggers and formed values in this environment that we are "out of politics," Yarmak said on the Yakovlev Brothers YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, the musician spoke harshly about blogger Yulia Verba, who does not publish news about the war and does not make charity collections, although she has an audience of millions on social networks. According to Yarmak, such bloggers are the consequences of Russian propaganda.

Yuliia Verba / Photo:

"Verba, in my opinion, is the result of Russian blogger propaganda with the narratives 'I am out of politics' and 'politicians are fighting, and ordinary people are suffering'. And now we have what we have," the musician said.

Recall that blogger Yulia Verba was recently discussed by volunteer Serhiy Prytula and comedian Anton Tymoshenko. They ridiculed her actions, that she demonstrates a "beautiful life" during the war and does not raise funds for the military. The blogger stood up for herself and explained why she didn't.