Political geniuses submitted a vote two days before the European Commission's ban on imports from Ukraine expired. They caused the reactions themselves. This is a continuation of the series of amateurism and lack of sense of moods in society. On September 15, the EC ban expired. Why did it have to be submitted to the Bulgarian Parliament two days earlier? Continuing trend of inability and "healthy head - bandage", commented in "This Morning" political analyst Georgi Harizanov.

"Poland is a case where there are elections. The main voters of Law and Justice are in the villages. Quite different is the case in Bulgaria. We have unsold sunflowers because of the wrong judgment of producers last year and it has become a problem that drags on over time. Manufacturers believe that they should be paid above the market price, "said economist Evgeniy Kanev.

Interior Ministry Confirms No Expected Protest Actions of Grain Producers in the Center of Sofia

"The best way to have a political longevity and 12 years in power is to satisfy whatever the farmers say. If I want to be a statesman, I cannot allow such a disorder in the market where processors suffer, employment suffers, GDP suffers, there is higher inflation, less budget money. State measures are unpopular," the economist said.

"We are seeing an amazing sight. By textbook, the government acts as it should not be done. The first position – "We must help the fraternal Ukrainian people and we will sacrifice ours, we will import grain." The second position – "Grain producers are terrorists and steal." The third position is – "No problem. We lied to Ukraine, we have procedures, we will mop them." We go to "I didn't take your pot, I gave it back to you yesterday and it was burst. Putin is to blame," added sociologist Andrey Raychev.

"Borisov will take them down, but he doesn't take them down yet. With this is comparable only Tagarev, who managed with this adviser to make a scandal out of nowhere instead of firing him and ending the story, "he added.