Ukrainian actress Natalka Denysenko showed how successfully she combines work and motherhood.

From time to time, the celebrity takes his five-year-old son Andrei with him to work. So, for example, the actress showed in Instagram stories how she and the boy went to the studio, where she was engaged in voicing the cartoon, and he watched the process.

However, it seemed to some subscribers that Natalka pays little attention to the child, and taking her son with you to the recording is not very appropriate. The actress did not remain silent and responded to the criticism of fans.


As the star mother shared, she is trying to do everything to make her son interested - he enjoys ice cream, drinks cocoa and even has the opportunity to watch how one of the largest TV channels in the country works.

"What's going on, am I a bad mom? Take cocoa in a café in one of the coolest TV channels in Ukraine. Eating ice cream and watching my mom voice cartoons... Horror, of course," Denisenko replied with irony.


Earlier, Natalka Denysenko shared intimate details of communication with her husband, who serves in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.