In the Lviv region, after a new scandal around the territorial recruitment center, namely, the beating of a civilian by a soldier with a pistol in his hands, an official check was appointed.

This is stated in the message of the Lviv Regional TCC and SP.

"A video of an incident between military personnel and a civilian is circulating on the Internet.
The video shows part of the incident, so what exactly happened in this situation and what preceded the actions of the servicemen is being clarified," the TCC said.

During the official inspection, these servicemen were suspended from duty until all the circumstances are clarified. The management of the Lviv Regional TCC and SP appointed an official inspection.

Recall that in Sambir, Lviv region, a soldier with a pistol in his hands mocked a man: he hit him with a weapon on the head, kicked him on the body, and threatened that "no one will find him."

Recall that the TCC of Lviv is checking the behavior of the employees of the military registration and enlistment office, who brutally detained the man.