Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a controversial statement. He is sure that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who unleashed the war against Ukraine, is in favor of "ending it as soon as possible."

Erdogan said this in an interview with PBS.

Moreover, according to him, "Russia can be trusted no less than the West."

"I have no reason not to trust them. Russia is as reliable as the West. For the last half century, we have been waiting on the doorstep of the EU. And now I trust Russia as much as I trust the West," he said, accusing the EU of not taking Turkey into the Union, despite promises.

Erdogan reiterated his opinion that the war in Ukraine can be ended by "negotiations between the two presidents." But he added that the war could last "for a long time."

"We would very much like to hope that the war will end as soon as possible. And Putin, in fact, is also in favor of ending this war as soon as possible," Erdogan said.

Earlier, we reported that the Russian Federation, Turkey and Bulgaria have their own plan: the US diplomat explained what the "grain deal" covers.

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