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"The agricultural industry has been able to unite. The livestock sector years back in time, the Bulgarian livestock breeder is not allowed to be competitive on our market. We are constantly flooded with imported poor-quality products. This is what Boyko Sinapov, chairman of the United Bulgarian Livestock Breeders, who is part of the national agricultural protest, told the Bulgarian National Radio.

No one controls how these products are imported from Ukraine, according to Sinapov.

Lawmakers decide to lift the ban on grain imports from Ukraine

"Let our control bodies show us imports from Ukraine. The products go under a special regime, it is not checked and is not controlled, "said Sinapov.

Ukrainian grain has been treated with various preparations that are not allowed in the EU, the representative of the livestock industry stressed.

"By feeding our animals this grain, we poison our nation. That broke the cup!"

Boyko Sinapov compared Bulgaria's position with that of "normal countries that protect their own interests" and called "for the protection of the Bulgarian product".

The prime minister's words "terrorists" addressed to grain producers are an insult to the whole nation, he said.



Boyko Sinapov